Birth of Company – Company Incorporation

Company Formation:

Company incorporation is the term which defines formation or creation of a new company which also means the registration process of the company. According to Marshall, Chief Justice of USA,” A person, invisible, artificial intangible and existing in the contemplation of law is termed as a company”. The formation of legal registered association can be defined as company incorporation.

Classification of Company:

Company can be of different types. Companies are mainly classified as  the following:

  •  Companies classified based on the mode of incorporation – This can be further classified as:
    • Chartered companies.
    • Statutory companies.
    • Registered or incorporated companies.


  • Companies on the basis of Number of members – This includes:
    • Private company and
    • Public company.


  • Companies on the basis of the control:
    • Holding company
    • Subsidiary company


  • Companies on the ownership of companies:
    • Government companies
    • Non-government companies


  • Companies on the basis of Domicile
    • Local companies.
    • Foreign companies.
    • Multinational Companies.

Company incorporation:

Company incorporation involves various stages commencing from the initial stage of discovering the idea for the business to the starting of business (final stage). The steps include:

  • Promotion - This is the initial stage of company incorporation. This stage includes the business idea and its detailed investigation with the availability of resources and the purpose.

Promotion of a company can be done either through the conversion of existing firm or by starting a new firm. Promotion involves stages that includes discovery of Idea, Preliminary Investigation, Detailed investigation, Assembling ,Financing, Promoters, Duties and liabilities of Promoters.

  • Registration – The process of subscription of memorandum of the company is known as the registration. For the purpose of registration a company requires:
    • The memorandum of the company.
    • The articles and
    • The Agreement.
    • Capital subscription- Depending upon the issuance of prospectus the procedure for certificate varies.
    • Commencement of business- The time when a company begins it business.

Incorporation’s advantage for owner and business:

  • Saves owner’s assets from companies liability.
  • Easy transfer of ownership.
  • Lower tax rate when compared to the personal income.
  • Capital raise through sale of stock.

incorporation provides a healthy feel to the shareholders, directors, owners. risks can be taken expecting the maximum return when the company is incorporated. an incorporated company or a business feels financially secured.

The various kinds of services that one can expect from a corporate secretary

A corporate secretarial service provider has a vast pool of services to choose from. An organization which is fairly self-reliant may not need all and hence have the option of picking and choosing what they need. Below are the broadly classified services that can be availed:

  • Assistance and advice

This is amongst the foremost services where a corporate secretary would help with various types of administrative changes that the company may be willing to make. It makes sense to hire the services of a professional here since some of these services are one time only and hence not practical for a company to hire a resource for the same. The formation of the company, its dissolution, re-registration, strike offs, name change, restructuring, floatation of shares are some of the events in which a corporate secretarial service is of assistance.

  • Compliance

Corporate secretarial services are of utmost help when filing statutory returns, annual registers and filling for any changes in the administration of the company.

  • Outsourcing of all services

The management of the company’s annual general meetings, maintaining and regularly updating the minutes of the board meetings and making announcements of the issues of IPO or any other matter on the stock exchange are all a part of services that a company secretary would provide if all of its administrative operations are outsourced.

  • Maintenance of global companies

The management of global and multinational companies is considered much more challenging than regular companies working out of one geographic location only. The help of corporate secretarial services is considered very useful in the following cases:

  • Formation of foreign branches
  • Administration of foreign branches
  • Registering the agents and office names in accordance with the regional laws
  • Documentation relating to the foreign branch
  • Services relating to annual compliance
  • Documentation which is related to any restructuring decision of the company


  • Other services

Corporate secretarial services can be used when an organization has to name a company secretary in their official fillings or maintaining and updating documentation relating to company’s statutory requirements. Other kinds of services including filling up of any interim vacancies in a company and ensuring that work continues smoothly or managing the in-house legal and compliance department of the organization. The work of a corporate secretary in an organization is to manage an update all documentation requirements and to ensure that the various departments have their compliance documents updated at all times too.

The accounting field of finance

In the broad career field of finance, accounting is one of the major sectors that make a crucial part in this field of finance. Starting from the complex accounting of a country or that of big international entities like the World Bank to the less complex such as that of a small company, accounting is always necessary. The need for accounting started a long time ago when the need to allocate different sectors of a corporation the required resources arose. In most cases, the modern day accounting involves monetary allocation. Not many people are able to deal with finances effectively while avoiding any loop holes that could encounter loses. This is why accounting becomes crucial.

This field of finance involves the calculations which are tabulated according to the different resource allocations of a certain entity. These entities can also include big companies and even the smaller business corporations or even that of an individual. It also involves other important sectors such as auditing, financial consultations and taxation among others. All institutions that have monetary allocations have an accounting department. Some business entities such as the real estate sector may need to hire accounting services from outside sources in order to maximize their satisfaction in financial allocations. In such a case, that company may hire an accountant for consultations on valuation of property.

The accounting profession

In the wide range of career choices, the finance field bores accounting. This field of career is wanting and that is why not many people have taken it. In the past few years, there have been very few internationally recognized certified accountants. It has long been seen as a hard subject in school. It has however improved all over the world now. Many countries have established specific accounting bodies that train in this financial profession and then offer certification for the public accountants. These are the bodies that hold for the integrity of the accounting and auditing standards. Based on the field of accounting, these bodies offer the certified public accountants who are then allowed to work as professionals in public or even private institutions. These bodies have become the turning points for the modern accounting and auditing.

There are also international bodies that also offer accounting certification. Those who have been certified by these international bodies are allowed to work in international corporations. Those who have been certified by these organizations are licensed to also sign off some audited reports for financial statements such as those of limited companies. With all these improvements, the field has seen a lot of advancement.

Important updates about the IPO market in Hong Kong

2015 has been an important year for the IPO market in Hong Kong because of the funds that have been raised within the first 6 months of the year. Many securities have been issued as IPO in Hong Kong and the upward trend continues. There are more than 45 new companies that got listed with the market and which has created a new and better outlook for the remainder of the year.

There are several Chinese companies that are planning to launch their IPO in Hong Kong during the latter half of the year. Companies such as China Reinsurance group, China Huarong Asset Management Company, IMAX China Holding and Everbright securities are all amongst the companies that have either entered their IPO in Hong Kong or will do so by the end of the year. The China Merchants Securities is also in the running to raise a whopping 43.7 Billion in Hong Kong Dollars which will take it straight to being the biggest listing on this stock exchange. It is already holding the position of being the biggest brokerage firm through its asset value in the whole of China.

Within other developments, the Hong Kong market is making positive attempts to increase in the number and value of its investors. Hence there are several schemes that have been floated which will gain foreign investors’ attention towards this market. This is expected to bring more liquidity in the market and make the prospects of investing higher. There are many mainland investors who have been mobilized between the Shenzen and the Hong Kong stock markets. This connectivity is expected to bring more business to both the market places.

From a government perspective also, there are many attempts being made to maintain the upward market trend in the issuing of new IPO in Hong Kong. The Boao Forum was one such avenue in which many plans were discussed to motivate the industry overall and let people know of the various government initiatives. Cutting in the reserve requirement ratio by the People’s bank of China has further eased the entering into markets by the investors in the mainland. Another initiative is the increase in the over the counter purchase and sale of securities which gives the market trade a personalized effect. New amendments are in way towards the short selling and the margin trading in the market too. This is expected to further boost the futures trading market also.

Knowing the Kind of Hk Immigration Passport You Need

Hong Kong is a superb place to move to of the numerous cities within Asia. The very first thing you need to know is what kind of visa you really should proceed to Hong Kong. This post talks about the different kinds of immigration visas.
HK interests many visitors along with migrants every year, using its modern along with radiant environment. This previous Uk colony remains Chinese along with deeply rooted traditions, regardless of the numerous influence regarding Western lifestyle. This is the ideal sort of an urban region which has figured out ways to let the Eastern along with Western people co-exist. That being said, numerous expatriates continue to keep apply for all their immigration visas, so they can contact it their fresh house.

Kinds of Hk Immigration Visas

The govt provides their foreign migrants a great deal of immigration visas to acquire. If you need to stay in Hong Kong with regard to leisure, business, or any type of some other reasons, there exists a distinct kind of visa for you personally.

Below are a few of the various kinds immigration visas you possibly can acquire:
- Investment Visa – is applicable should you be keeping around 25% or even more in business stocks. Additionally you should offer the needed skills and encounter to assist the Hong Kong-based business.
Employing this type of visa, you as well as your organization need to show that the new endeavor is attainable. You have to also prove that you along with your parent business are capable of assisting your new business. You have to additionally establish which you and your business can offer significant factor.

- Capital Investment Entrant Plan – implements should you have a minimum of $10 mil Hong Kong dollars for the investment tolerance. The investment threshold need to carry out an evaluation every 3 years.

- Work Visa – does use should you be migrating for you to Hong Kong to have an intra-company move or like a new employ.
In this kind of visa, there are 3 aspects to consider: the selling business, the openings, and the candidate. You need to identify just how long the selling business has been in company, and identify its popularity.

- New Employ Employment Visa – below this kind of visa, your business need to show which they first provided the job you’re assuming for you to nearby applicants. They need to have done it by marketing the starting in a public distribution. Place of a controlling or relief natures are likewise the typical business position below this method

The advantages of Singapore and Hk Business Incorporation

The globally recession has developed financial marketplace turmoil which has brought to significantly depreciated house and monetary assets, along with huge beliefs being very easily wiped off inventory marketplaces frequently because 2008. Using the Asian Advancement Bank, typically the economic crisis very easily wiped $50 trillion from the need for monetary assets all through 2008. Approximately 20% of person â loss were within building Asia, that is similar to a single year’s GDP.
Often the achievement and quick growth of Asian countries over the past several years has meant Asian building monetary systems has been influenced greater than other locations through the third world with the global personality from the downturn. However, the potency of several Asian monetary techniques plus the training learned in the 1997 financial crisis place Asia just like a region that could leave the existing recession prior to western countries. Rising areas
Some of the greatest financial growth prices lie within Asia. China, which has lately turn out to be the cell phone industry’s 3rd greatest economy, has received annual financial growth determining 9% for many years. Through the G-20 nations, Indian provides the second best GDP price of development (following China).
“The business cultures and lawful frameworks usually are greatly various in growing areas. Sometimes company increase remains a troublesome process which needs specialist knowing.
These types of factors obviously try to the advantage typically the Singapore increase and include Hong Kong Business. Hong Kong is generally a natural gateway directly into China, when Singapore is actually busy advertising itself as the regional centre of choice.
Both monetary systems regularly rank as the tour’s freest. Within the 2009 Index of financial Freedom, US-based Typically the Heritage Foundation locations Hong Kong along with Singapore because third and 4th with regards to economic independence. Hong Kong has a eye upon openness to worldwide trade and investment decision. When Singapore has a relatively little economy, its visibility to globally business along with investment indicates starting Singapore incorporation provides usage of one of the mobile phone industry’s greatest financial techniques.
Depending on Singapore’s Economic Development Panel, the government agency allocated with developing overseas businesses concerning Singapore, the continent ranks extremely in varied global online surveys.
Showing the benefits of Hong Kong business incorporation, the Heritage statement states, This small island is probably the world’s top financial centres, and controlling banking along with financial solutions is clear and effective.”


Hong Kong business is meals for offshore business?

2008070719485217777Hong Kong is definitely an global city. It gives some features with additional leading worldwide city such as New York which will make Hong Kong the well known international area and thus many business traders prefer selecting Hong Kong being an offshore business for their worldwide business along with procedures.

1. The economy method is market focused, with a small involvement of authorities intervention. Numerous investors can select what businesses these people perform, the us government will be more encourage them to commit.
2. The capital moves of cash between nations are for free and devoid of control and limitations. Almost all currencies for example US$, etc… may be used inside Hong Kong, along with totally free of cash wire within and wire out among Hong Kong along with other nations, only exclusion that no cash laundering is included nor criminal actions.

3. Offshore routines usually are 100% tax totally free. Your Hong Kong taxes law provides ruled out which only nearby business is susceptible to profits taxes, overseas business authorized within Hong Kong is actually just offshore business and thus isn’t subject to earnings taxes.
4. Low taxes rate. Actually the business is completed inside Hong Kong, your tax price is merely 17. 5% regarding net earnings. The taxes rate is completely reduced, without this kind of VAT, business taxes, nor funds gains taxes, etc.
5. Formation necessity really is easy. As an global city, an individual, overseas individual or nearby person, can be hired because the shareholder along with director of the Hong Kong business, using the requirement which there should have an appointed nearby secretary and authorized office tackle with regard to corresponding.
6. Absolutely no capital expense is needed. The shareholder is merely needed to sign up your agreement in order to announce that he will certainly lead capital for the business, with out actual funds investment is needed.

7. Unhindered use of business name. Far away, a few names aren’t free to make use of such as having, team,…., etc. Even so, within Hong Kong, the title is readily employed, supplied that they’re not listed within Hong Kong, susceptible to other limited rules for example defective words aren’t permitted to use.
8. You can easily open an just offshore bank account along with making use of Hong Kong business. Hong Kong as a possible worldwide city, ocean going bank account is quite easy to open up with making use of Hong Kong business, the buyer is needed to province his deal with proof paperwork, along with passport duplicate, Hong Kong business formation paperwork and a common explanation of his company.

Setting up an electronics company in Hong Kong

Electronic companies which seek to expand will find Hong Kong the best place to be in. there are all the requirements that business will require so that it increases the rate of production. This is something which most people have realised and are now setting up companies in the city so that they get the returns in investment. What you should know is that for you to expand the business there are some factors which you should consider. These include:-

  1. 1.       Research base

In Hong Kong you will find all that you need so that you find all the required details. With the education facilities in the city and people who are experts in the electronic field. The good thing is that the population if huge and most people are knowledgeable on field therefore you will be in a position to find people offering quality services at very affordable prices.

  1. 2.       Intellectual property protection

In Hong Kong you will enjoy the benefits of a rigorous intellectual property hence making it possible to offer the best services. You can therefore rest assured that whatever you produce you will have the ownership.

  1. 3.       Excellent communication and transport network

You will enjoy faster communications since the city has excellent facilities. This is usually very important since you will have to involve quite a lot of people hence the need to meet from time to time. The city has several airlines that will give you access to the other cities in china. On the other hand, you will also be able to move to other countries within the continent. This will save on the time taken to consult with the required people. The city also has a railway line that passes through which can be of services whenever you require raw materials. With expansion, you will require an additional volume of raw materials. The trains will be the best option for you to use while transporting the raw materials to the site of production especially when they are bulky.

  1. 4.       Market

You will also enjoy from readily available market both locally and internationally. The good thing with this choice of location is that it is well known to be a provider of electronics therefore it can guarantee people that whatever you are producing is genuine. The huge population of the locals alone can be enough to give the business huge returns but there is no harm in exploiting the markets overseas as well.

Hiring of Staff with Modern Techniques

Hiring of staff is very important to the accomplishment of business and businessmen can fulfill these recruiting procedures with ease due to use of latest technologies in the marketplace. This hiring procedure can be performed by all people with presentation and advertisement of vacancies in specific fields. In this matter, businessmen can use latest promotion and marketing schemes to promote their business with effectiveness and acceptance. In the same way, businessmen can also use latest hiring techniques which are operated by them personally with the use of contemporary sources that are available for all kinds of business in the market place. Various companies are playing an imperative role in the creation of connections between commercial firms and job seeking individuals. These companies are known as a job portal in the market and this source is beneficial for both sides as they can attain proper talent and proper profession easily.

Employees seeking companies can create their accounts and advertise their employment opportunities along with the requirements and responsibilities of employees. This advertisement should also be performed by appearance of salary programs because this presentation is helpful for the job seekers as they can find their desired jobs with easiness and lenience in the social order. Accordingly, job seeker individuals can also create their accounts in latest job portals and they can manage their profiles with proper description of their education and experience in specific fields. This technique is supportive of the employee seeking companies as they can find out their desired candidates with ease and they can also communicate with them to produce desired results without any complication.

So, it can be stated that hiring of staff in Hong Kong is an easy matter for all kinds of business in the market; this procedure can be performed by all people without any difference and complexity. In the same way, those companies that are in performance in Hong Kong can also find out talents in the market with the use of relevant sources like an advertisement via newspaper and classified, etc. Thus, this procedure is simple and possible for all people without any doubt and reservation in the social order. Accordingly, the management of the business is potential with the use of talented and skilled staff. In the same way the provision of skilled staff is probable for all companies with the use of latest hiring programs that are beneficial for business forums and qualified persons in the market place.

Applying for Employment Visa with Fulfillment of Documents

Employment visa is essential to formulate business with success in Hong Kong; this program is offered for all those businessmen that are seeking for employees. So, people should use proper source to gain adequate working staff that is favorable and admirable by all firms and consumers in the social order. This situation is helpful for new and existing firms in Hong Kong as they can attain talented and skilled staff without any complexity and intricacy in the social order. In the same way, those people who are seeking for proper employment can also gain adequate benefits from employment generation programs that are in the reach of all people in Hong Kong. In this matter, various companies are in performance for the support of fresh and experienced businessmen as they can gain proper quantity of staff from abroad to make their commerce winning and accomplished.
So, people should purchase the services of professional personnel to solve visa issues and problem without easiness and success. These professional people are skilled and prominent to provide proper guidelines and direction to those people which are applying for employment visa in Hong Kong. This applying can be performed with rapidness and effectiveness due to availability of latest technologies and communication resources. These sources and facilities are in the reach of all people with no difference and divergence in the social order. Accordingly, businessmen should apply for gaining staff but this process should be performed by the observation of the status of business and performance of commerce in the marketplace. In the same way, registration of the business is also essential to make applying of employment visa procedure successful and winning according to the desires and wishes in the social order.
Submission of profiles of those people is also essential which are eager to start work in Hong Kong without any complication in the competitive market. In this matter, people can find out those recruiting programs that are prepared for the completion of the needs of different firms according to the condition of their commerce in the market. These sources are also helpful for those individuals that are seeking for the employment in well reported firms to make their career shining in Hong Kong. Thus, people should apply for employment visas in Hong Kong and adequate charges of this process should also be submitted. With a proper checking and approval of all documents, an employment visa can be released for the selected candidate easily within limited time.